Issue #27

Each magazine is 102 pages of chopper fun. The entire magazine is 100 lb. paper so as to stand up to the test of time, greasy hands and many re-reads. All printing is done in Utah and the binding is done in Minnesota. Mags are shipped by us with love from North Carolina. We are proud to say that the entire magazine is 100% Made in the USA.
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I always wanted to do a cover that looked like a concert t-shirt from the 80's... cover art on the front with the tour dates and cities on the back... well, Matt took my little idea and knocked it out of the park! Inside we've got a bunch of great bikes... we've got Dave Biller's Master of Reality Panhead, Pete's Devilyn Shovelhead and about 10 other bikes that'll make you want to quit your job and hit the road... plus a write-up on the Chopper Supply Co. and a tech article from Vanguard Cycles that's guaranteed to make you doubt that you've ever done anything with a drill bit the correct way... don't miss out!
Additional Info
Additional Info
Cover Artist Matt Wilkins
Pages 102
Release Date Unknown
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