2017 Painted Ladies Calendar (BIGGER & better)

12" x 12". Printed on heavy-weight paper so as to stand up to the test of time, greasy hands and many re-reads. We are proud to say that the entire Calendar is 100% Made in the USA. and shipped by us with love from North Carolina.

All design, photos, editing, layout, art done solely by Meredith Devine.

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Our Staff Photographer Meredith Devine is the one-woman force behind the idea, photography, design and layout of this year's Show Class calendar... and, I have to say "it's PEFECT!" Each month you get the best of both worlds... an amazing chopper with an amazing girl posing with it. I don't care who you are you can't deny how stunning the photos in this calendar are. Guaranteed to be something you hold onto for a lot longer than the calendar year it's intended to be used for... we only printed a LIMITED number of these so get them before they're gone. Oh, plus, we made the calendars even bigger so you don't have to be as close to catch the stoke... they are 12" x 12". ** PLEASE NOTE that this item WILL NOT START shipping until 12/15 at the earliest. We will do everything in our power to have everything shipped before 12/25, however, some orders may NOT ship in time to be received by 12/25/17. We realize that most of you guys buying this item (whether for yourself or someone else) won’t mind too much if we are not able to deliver it prior to Christmas morning and we APPRECIATE IT! To those of you who MUST have everything ordered in hand before 12/25 we suggest you NOT BUY this item as we can not make any promises. As always, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
Additional Info
Additional Info
Cover Artist Meredith Devine
Pages 26
Release Date December 15, 2016
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