Saturday, December 1, 2012

People's Champ Update

We got over 100 people that first got in touch to be involved in the Peoples Champ Jam.

We also got hundreds of questions and we dont have the man power to get back to everyone.

Here are some answers to the questions that keep coming up and whats going on with it.

-Yes it is still happening. It is going to be much bigger and better than we first imagined.

-If you emailed us your details and confirmed that you are in, we got your email. Thank you.

-Build it anyway. That is the spirit of the guy we want to be in the final handful of bikes.

-We have over 80 people that are still in that we have to somehow narrow down to 20.

-We will be in touch by 12/15 to let you know if we think you could take this whole deal.

-Then we put the whole thing up to a vote after the new year, if the world doesnt blow up.

Tune and Stay tuned...


MercuryMoto said...

I'm staying tuned!!! I just got my wheels mostly sorted. I'm finishing this thing before BF5 if its the last thing I do!

To avoid all the repetitive questions, some more frequent updates would be a great help. This is such a cool idea, its only right to post about it. You don't have to email everyone. That's what the blog is for!

ACXL1K said...

What Merc said...I know how tough my competition is, this is my first as long as I don't get run out of town I'll be happy...BF5 or bust baby!