Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The War Ride Film

The War Ride from Show Class Magazine on Vimeo.

A few months ago, we had a great time up in Virginia, courtesy of the Butcher Chop crew. We met up at the Butcher Chop compound in Dry Fork, VA, then headed up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to Bedford, VA to see the D-Day Memorial. If you have never been to the D-Day memorial in person, it's a pretty amazing site to see and makes you think about the absolute brass balls it took to storm a beach like that with literal hell raining down on top of you. Makes you appreciate how tough these guys were, and how veterans of any age deserve our respect. We had a great time. Only a few minor breakdowns along the way, played hot potato with the GoPro, made new friends, and rode some absolutely amazing roads. 2nd annual War Ride is on the calendar for next year.

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Francis Sassy said...

Does that black panhead evr run ?