Friday, July 6, 2012

Down For Life

And your winners are...

Looks like our man Bulldog the Troublehead just got himself a fuckin Sub for Life. Straight branded without even a pretty picture to go along with it. That kind of commitment is legit as fuck.

And we werent planning on doing this, but shit on the original plan... Mitchell 'skull tits' Songer landed himself a subscription on us for his fancy ass issue 7 work of art in progress.

And good old Hobo Mark shouldnt go without being mentioned for his Trike Turner peice just because it made us laugh. A white boy with a black power fist with an afro... too good.

If you decide to also show such classy decision making, send the photo in to us so we can show some love and put it in the mag. Thanks to those that do for your lifetime of respect and support.


BullDog said...

That afro is fuckin awesome!! haha..fuck yeah!

Show Class baby!

Humble Pie said...

I have that flash for teh girl and skull, from over 20 years ago