Monday, April 16, 2012

what did you do this weekend?

in our hands on Friday, out the door on Monday...

I cant thank my friends enough who have become the backbone behind the Northern Show Class office. Q, Zito, the Brain, Jay, Mike D, Judy & Christine made getting all of this done possible. They watched me show my hate for stupid technology but we got through it and had some laughs and beers to help ease the pain. All orders are now out the door. Some even have a special reminder for those that subscribed since the beginning that will show up as your subs come to an end. That's why there is an Issue 7 Subscription up for sale in the store so you don't have to wait and risk missing out on anything. It's been a whole year already. Fuckin tits.

I'll never get tired of saying it... thank you for your support.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Wish I had got hip to interweb netting earier Clarke, the mag is first rate, hangin on the new one, great job, real class !!!


I renewed mine! and everyone else better too.. because it's the BEST mag out there.. keep them coming guys, i'll be waiting for each issue like it's chirstmas.. YES!