Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Born Free Issue

So the cat's outta the bag...

We were talking about how Born Free was pretty fucking amazing last year and no one that covered it really did the thing justice, including ourselves. So we came up with a plan. We are going to do a full 80 page issue dedicated just to the show. There will be in progress shots of the builders bikes as well as the finished products at the event, award bikes, an interview with Mike D & Grant, vendor shots, music, sponsors, random nonsense, some fine ladies of course, Born Free art, a road trippin spread, and lots of other goodies that could only be done with the help and full on support of some friends that are making the best show around go down.

In the meantime we want to offer up the cover for any artist that wants to either modify their existing Born Free art or come up with something completely new.

The details of it are like this:
-It needs to have both Born Free 4 & Show Class worked into the art.
-The dimensions are 6" tall x 9" wide and it will need to be high res.
-The deadline is April 30th. We will pick our favorite real soon after.
-The winner will get a thick grip of the mags with their art on it, a subscription, proper credit of course, bragging rights & some other random good stuff that we have lying around.

Email your submissions to

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The Castle Run said...

That is just soo cool. If I could I would send in an entry, but Im thinking that my farmer skills just wont compensate enough for the complete lack of artistic skill.......looking forward to seeing the entries and ofcourse the final result... Thanks for a great mag !!!