Thursday, February 23, 2012

God Save Show Class

Our man Chris in the Uk has decided to properly class up the Krown Kompany and carry the mag. The new issue is now in his hands.

We love shipping shit out all over the world but I am asking any one of you Brits who has hesitated to pull the trigger and clean him out in record time. He only has 10 bloody copies. If he doesnt email me for more by the end of the month I'm losing all faith in our mighty UK brothers.

Thanks for the goods Chris, send more pictures of your lady friend next time. Cheers


WhitelinePsycho said...

still waitin for mine to turn up but maybe the pigeon got lost . . .izengssh

Simon said...

C.P.F.U representin!!

nice one brother!!

Krown Kompany said...

Much love!

There shifting good.

Clarke said...

Whiteline Psycho, you're way down there in Australia. This goes out to any brother from another land. We want guys that spend their hard earned loot to be stoked on the whole deal, not just the mag. When someone orders a single from us it goes first class to keep the price reasonable for the customer. When a distributor places a large order it has to go priority which is much faster. Sure it's on the way but you can always get them from the distro in your country. May cost an extra buck or two but it will be there quicker, up to you. There are a couple solid guys already pushing the mag in Australia. I just ask everyone to support those that support us. This thing wouldn't exist without our advertisers and distributors. If your country doesn't have one yet, tell the guys who should be a part of it, and let us know who should be and we will shake them down from our end. And it will be beautiful. Take care, Clarke

WhitelinePsycho said...

All good brother, I'll look for the local team member after the subscription is finished with, either way, lookin forward to its arrival in my mailbox and only too happy to be supporting. Keep the flag flyin and the rubber side down, peace to you man, Whitelines.