Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Starting Over

A brother of mine recently found himself without a home. He's been crashing with me and for a bit and I know he'll be fine, he's a strong dude. It reminded me of almost a decade ago when I went through the miracle of divorce, left almost everything i've accumulated in 20 some long years and had to start over. It's not an easy time but its a chance to start clean and make your own choices again. I'm not saying give up, but never fucking give it all up for something that brings you down.

We have a couple of posters that have real minor blems up for grabs. If youre in a similar shitty situation and have a kid, I really fuckin feel for you man. Always try to do what you can for your little one, they need it the most. We can't do much but if you email me your info and we will send you out some art for your new pad to class up the joint. To remind you of freedom, brotherhood, support and the road ahead. And so you can have some shit on the wall to impress that new lady with your superior level of sophistication. Before she comes over just remember to clean the pisser, unload your meat gun, have some Boons farm wine in the ice box, and show some class. Nature will do the rest.

Here's to the adventure of making all new mistakes. Push on, try to make good choices and hang in there. Life's short, fuckin live it up.


Cailyn said...

:) exactly

buscemi said...

way to show some class man.

Fonz said...

Last year I lost everything I'd spend almost 20 years gathering. Moved from a nice neighborhood to a shithole. But I kept my family and I kept my bike. Honestly, I am happier. Turn On. Tune In. Drop Out. Lock-n-Load.