Thursday, June 9, 2011

no one likes a sell out

the bad news for you, but good news for us- we are officially sold the fuck out of issue 1 (mind blown)

the good news for you and your sister- you can still pick up a copy at these classy locations:

Hated of the World
47 Industries
Hell Mutts
Death Science
Freak out the Squares

Rogue Speed Shop

Cycle Trash

Bone Shakers / Vintique

Kustom Ink

Eat Dust

Fucker / Lil Kandy Shop

There are some tees and stuff still ripe for the pickin in the Show Class Store.

We also just added the Issue 2 Subscription for those that still want to get it on.

We want to thank everyone that helped us get this thing off the ground.


Sinner said...

Giving the people what they want, obviously. I have been checking my mailbox everyday for the first issue, can't wait!! Great job and congrats on the success and for selling out.

Moparkevin said...

Yeah I'm awaiting mine also.. sic!!!!!!!!
selling out is good sometimes.

Rob Dowtin said...

Seriously guys, got my copy today. It's fucking amazing. I'll be subscribing this week. Thanks for all the hard work that obviously went into it.

shovelkev said...

still eagerly waiting for mine as well fingers crossed it turns up next week

Millmech666 said...

Got issue 1 the other day. IT KILLS!!! EXCELLENT!!! CONGRATS!!!

DSTim said...

Glad you guys are STOKED... it means a lot....

Stay tuned Issue Two is gonna RULE.......

Thanks again!