Sunday, May 15, 2011

The People Have Spoken (a different language)

So it was really bugging me and Tim about the international shipping charges.

After working on it for a while tonight we think we found a way to scam the system a bit and pass on the savings. We were trying to find the safest way to send everything but the cost was out of hand and we werent happy about it either. Especially since it was going to the government that already takes enough of all of our hard earned loot.

The International prices have just been adjusted accross the board. We litterally did all that we can with them. If you havent placed an order yet and were thinking about it, give it a second look.

If you have already placed an international order, you rule, and you will recieve a refund for the difference. Look for it this week. A couple hundred orders to sort through is going to take some time, but it's worth it.

Thanks to those who got in touch and helped figure this thing out and is making it better for everyone.


-BaRoN- said...

Thx for the refund !

Mitchell said...

Cheers for the refund, i will probably get a subscription now that its cheaper.

Dragoo-Huntaz Cyclaz said...

Thanks for the time spent on this matter, I trully believe that must not be easy.

Still, the shipping charges to France are really too high for me to subscribe, despite I'd love to.
($43 for sub + $57 for shipping !)

Don't know how they do that, but some other guys from another mag (...) ask for 35€ (+/- $50) for 6 issues a year, shipping incl.

Really hope this will help, as I'm interested in getting one of your first issues.


Clarke said...

We got some solid advice. Try it one more time. Refunds are still being worked on.

Just to be clear. Changes will not effect anything for the boys in the gold old US of A.


-BaRoN- said...

2nd refund ! Now that's what I call "Show some Class"..
Cheers fellas

Dra said...

Hi Clarke,
Thanks for reviewing the shipping cost ;)
I just confirmed the order for an annual subscription, can't wait to receive the 1st one !
Cheers man,

Dragoo-Huntaz Cyclaz said...

Oups !
"Dra" is for "Dragoo-Huntaz Cyclaz"...
(keyboard problem...)